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Vita Nova

Vita Nova

Vita Nova is the brainchild of LA singer/songwriter VK Lynne and composer/guitarist Federico Salerno in Milan, who are setting out to challenge the conventional ‘band’ paradigm.


Anyone who’s followed VK Lynne’s musical mischief over the years knows that she is never afraid to approach something in a way that is…unconventional.

An ocean away, in Milan, Italy- she’s found a kindred spirit.

Federico “Friedrik” Salerno, of the Italian goth prog metal outfit Deva, met VK through Eve’s Apple. She had co-written a song with Lisa Middlehauve (Ex-Xandria), and he offered to produce it. They recognized almost immediately that they had a shared musical sensibility, and decided to try writing together. Very quickly, songs materialized, and it became clear that a full-length album was being born.

Musicians from all over the world (The United States, Italy, Germany, France, Greece, to name a few) are coming together, in cyberspace, to record the tracks. Lorenzo Ardoni and Salerno are doing all the engineering and mixing at their SteelNight Studios.
The first single, the eponymous "Vita Nova" made available as a free download on Soundcloud and Reverbnation, has been welcomed and supported by the audience with an impressive amount of comments and shares.

Vita Nova stands as proof that in this new musical landscape, anything is possible.

“With this project, we’re offering proof that artists from different backgrounds, different genres- even different continents- can and should make music together. Competition and rivalry is rampant in the entertainment business, but once we start working with each other, instead of against each other, creativity can flourish. Add to that creativity an embracing of the changes in the WAY we make music, and a utilization of the technological tools at our disposal…?
Suddenly, the art has no boundaries.”

Line UpEdit

  • VK Lynne
  • Federico Salerno
  • Kerstin Bischof (Ex-Xandria)
  • Grace Meridan (Ex-Shield of Wings)
  • Iliana Tsakiraki- (Meden Agan)
  • Shane Gibson- (Ex-Korn, The Spider Accomplice, stOrk)
  • Gogo Melone- (Luna Obscura)
  • Helen Vogt- (Flowing Tears)
  • Babis Nikou- (Astral DNA)


2013: Vita Nova

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