Cast Away (album)Clémentine DelauneyConsign to Oblivion
Delta (Visions of Atlantis album)Epica (band)Eternal Endless Infinity
HEAVEN THE AXEHelena MichaelsenLa-Ventura
Maxi NilMelissa FerlaakNaught (album)
Sex, Chugs & Rock 'N' RollSimone SimonsStolen Babies
The Phantom AgonyThere Be Squabbles AheadTrinity (Visions of Atlantis album)
VK LynneVisions of AtlantisVita Nova
Vita Nova (Album)Women of Metal
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File:Stolen Babies "Second Sleep"File:VISIONS OF ATLANTIS - New Dawn (Official) Napalm RecordsFile:VK Lynne.jpg
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