Visions of Atlantis delta

Visions of Atlantis Delta

Delta is the fourth full-length album by Austrian Symphonic power metal band Visions of Atlantis featuring the new vocalist Nil Maxi Nil. It was released on February 25, 2011.


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Jukebox Metal
Metal Hammer Germany 5/7

The reviewers of Jukebox Metal and Sonic Seducer agreed that new singer Nil Maxi Nil did not reach the musical quality of her predecessor. However, the album was called a solid release and was compared to the style of Edenbridge and Epica. The German edition of Metal Hammer marked that the contrast between female voices and male growling that is typical for the genre was rather absent on this album, and wrote that Delta featured straight rock hymns instead. Their reviewer and James Donovan of Jukebox Metal found the style to be remiscent of Kamelot.

Track listingEdit

1. "Black River Delta"   4:34
2. "Memento"   6:38
3. "New Dawn"   2:59
4. "Where Daylight Fails"   4:11
5. "Conquest of Others"   5:37
6. "Twist of Fate"   4:31
7. "Elegy of Existence"   3:36
8. "Reflection"   4:16
9. "Sonar"   1:27
10. "Gravitate Towards Fatality"   5:55


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