Cast Away album cover

Cast Away is the second album by symphonic power metal band Visions Of Atlantis, and was released in 2004.


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Metal Hammer Germany 5/7

Metal Hammer Germany wrote that the album was arranged rather simple and less spectacular than contemporary releases by Nightwish or Within Temptation. Some refrains and intros of Cast Away were even criticised for being almost kitsch. The reviewer was however positive about singer Nicole Bogner's evolution since the previous album.

According to Allmusic's reviewer, the album was an undecisive mix of Nightwish and Evanescence (band). He wrote that both Nicole Bogner's operatic singing and Mario Plank's "pop-oriented" performance made the band lose its musical identity but also opened it for a wider audience.

The Sonic Seducer delivered a positive review, marking an increased quality of performance since the band's debut album. The reviewer lauded the symphonic sound arrangements and Bogner's soprano voice.

Track listingEdit

1. "Send Me a Light"   4:38
2. "Cast Away"   4:42
3. "Lost"   3:57
4. "Realm of Fantasy"   3:59
5. "Pharaoh's Repentance"   4:27
6. "Winternight"   5:37
7. "State of Suspense"   4:42
8. "Lemuria"   3:41
9. "Last Shut of Your Eyes"   4:56
10. "Lost (Video)" (Bonus track) 3:55


Alex Krull (Narrator), UE Nastasi (Mastering), Eric Philippe (Artwork), Eric Philippe (Cover Design), Eric Philippe (Logo) and Toni Härkönen (Photography)


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